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Our Story

just a truck and a Dream

Chicago is one of the premier culinary cities in the world, now boasting an up and coming food truck scene.  We're proud to share our culture through our food - simply described as "Mom's home cooking." Thanks for sharing our journey with us! 

So, I quit my job, and bought this truck. An idea is all I had. Just a truck and my dream.

July 2014, the Yum Dum Truck rolled out onto the streets. Not really knowing what to expect, we just wanted to share the food we grew up eating with you. Growing up in a restaurant family, Chef/Owner Jeff Wang knew he would find his way back into the kitchen. He just didn't know that kitchen would be in the back of a truck. Just over a year later, we've built up a large following, been featured in Chicago's most iconic events, and nominated for several accolades including the title as one of 'Chicago's Best Food Trucks.' We look forward to feeding you soon, Chicago! 


Where's the truck?